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  Parents and students, by joining our platform you will have an unparalleled opportunity to earn rebate money for your school simply buying the things you would normally buy.  After you login, you will be taken to your schools home page.    

 There you will see local businesses that have become sponsors of your school.  We would encourage you to do business with them if possible.  Some will have special offers for you, but even if they don’t, please remember they have supported your school in the form of the sponsorship.  From that page, you will be able to enter the “School Mall”.  There you will find a variety of national vendors that we have partnered with.  We have partnered with companies like Target, Home Depot, and Microsoft to name a few.  The quantity and quality of our partnerships will continue to grow to cover much of your shopping needs.


 You will be able to find everything from school supplies, to clothing, to home improvement items, electronics and more.  When you follow the links from our platform and conduct business with our partners, we will get a rebate and then pass the majority of the rebate back to the school.  The rebate amount will vary but our promise is the schools will absolutely get the majority of each rebate that is earned from your purchases. 


 The great thing about this, is that it is not limited to parents of children at schools.  While they will be a primary driving force, anyone can join the platform and shop and designate which schools should benefit from their spending! Get social and make this go viral.  The more people know about it, take action and shop from our portal, the more money that comes back to our schools!  


 Remember, this isn’t about buying things you don’t want or need.  Only buy what and when you would like, but the items are everyday things that will all drive money back to our schools!

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